#Ashtag Lent

The students took pictures with their ashes on Ash Wednesday. They wrote a prayer for strength to follow their Lenten promises on the back and they are displayed in the back of the room to remind them to keep Jesus at the center of their lives.

8th Grade Bill of Rights Posters

Check them out!

Upcoming Test for 7th Grade

The 7th grade has a test over chapters 7-8 on TUESDAY, October 17th. We reviewed this information today, and will play our customary review game on Monday. Study guides have been given to the students, and it is below as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chapter 7-8 Test
Northern Mexico’s climate is?
Emeralds mined where?
Tierra caliente, tierra helada, tierra templada
Silver mined where?
Country covered by the Pampas
El Niño
Where is Ecuador?
Amazon basin location
Toltec maintain rule how?
World’s largest exporter of copper?
Essay: What is family life typically like in Latin American cultures?

6th Grade Cuneiform

The 6th grade is learning about ancient Mesopotamia and their writing system, called cuneiform. They practiced by writing their names in clay (play-dough). Check out the results!

Middle School Posters!

The middle school students made posters to show what they have learned about the Trinity, Jesus, and Mary. Check it out!

Welcome Back!

I'm so excited to see you all again! See you on Thursday!

Mr. Marks
Middle school religion and social studies