March News

I'm ready for spring, how about you?  This will be a fast month with so much going on.  At the risk of repeating everything from the calendar, I want to remind you about a few things.  Of course, there's First Confession on Sunday at noon.  Next week the students have a day off on Tuesday because of our music festival.  Then the next week is the last one before spring break, and we will not have school, but spring conferences on Friday, the 16th.  I will notify you by email if I need a conference with you.  Otherwise, I would be happy to schedule a conference with anyone who would like to come talk to me.  I find it an awkward time, because we took the AIMSWEB tests back in January, and won't take them again until May, and it is still too early to do end-of-the-year testing, so I don't have that information, either.  However, if you see anything on PowerSchool that worries you, I will be happy to discuss that, or any other concerns you may have.

There will be a meeting for the First Communicants and parents on April 10 at 7:00 PM at the school.  Please try to schedule so that you are able to be here for that.  First Communion will be on Sunday, April 29 at 12:00 noon. 

I hope you have a meaningful second half of Lent and enjoy Easter season and spring.  It's a great time of the year.   Thank you for all you do! 

December News

Welcome to Advent!  I'm sure time is passing rapidly for you as it is for me.  I can't believe the second quarter will soon be over.  With that in mind, please make sure your students study spelling words and, if possible, have them reread the story of the week the day before the test.  I am giving instructions for how to get to Second Grade Symbaloo at the top of the page under "Projects".  Once you are in that, the kids know what to do - just click on ThinkCentral, the website for our reading program, and log in with the information in their agendas.  With that, they can click on "My Library" and read any story in the reading book.  In math, crucial skills for the year are memorizing math facts, addition and subtraction to 20, and be able to identify coins, count and make change with money.  They need to understand our place value system.  I am more and more convinced that if you want to help your child do well in math, teach him/her to count money early.  If they can do that, they understand tens, ones, and hundreds, the basis of all our math. In science we are studying polar habitats, the North and South poles. 

We will also do Posadas again with the other K-3 kids.  This is both a prayer service and lesson about how people of Mexico celebrate Advent with a novena, ending on Christmas Eve.  Traditionally, there is a ritual of Mary and Joseph searching for a place to stay, until finally the host for the evening invites them in, where all pray the rosary and then celebrate with Mexican chocolate and other snacks, and sometimes even a pinata.  This continues every night until Christmas Eve when, in procession,  the Christ Child is brought up to be placed in the manger.  We also continue our tradition of K-3 Advent Prayer Service on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with morning prayer and the Jesse Tree.

Fall News

Second grade standards require us to study changes from past to present, particularly in Kansas.  We study transportation, communication, and work as we look at how the state has changed since before it became a state.  We will be going to Old Cowtown Museum this week to participate in the "County Fair" event.  Students will have fun as we see how it was done in the past and compare that to now.  We will also go to the Cathedral that day, rounding out a busy day.  

There is a lot going on in October, including Red Ribbon Week, conferences, and, of course, Halloween.  In addition, second grade has parts in Mass this week.  Unfortunately, that means there are not enough days to give everyone a part because of the field trip, so some will have to wait a little longer.  They will be the first to get parts next time. 

As we move into November, we will begin learning more about the virtue of Thankfulness.  It fits the season, but is good and necessary any time of the year.   

I hope you all enjoy the fall weather.  It is one of my favorite times!  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about anything. See you at conferences.

Papers Coming Home

  In order to try to help parents keep up with their children's progress, I am sending home papers once a week this year. Please try to quickly review these pages.  In the past when I found mounds of papers stockpiled in desks, left in folders, or sneaked into the recycling, the students would say, "Well, my parents don't look at them anyway."  So, I thought this way you would have an easier time only having to do it once a week.  Here's your chance to let your kids know you do care how they are doing.
  Reading and math papers are not torn out of their workbooks, and some work stays here in notebooks, so if you are interested in seeing those at any time, just drop by before or after school.  I need to keep the actual tests for grade card time, so I will usually just send a summary of what types of questions were missed.
  Please let me know what you think about this system.  

2018 First Communion/First Reconciliation Dates

SAVE THE DATES for 2017-2018 second graders!

First Reconciliation - March 4, 12:00 Noon

First Communion - April 29, 12:00 Noon



New Six-Day Week

  In second grade, a week is 6 days! Or at least a reading story is studied for 6 days.  This gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into the story, comprehension and writing activities.  Sometimes I found myself hurrying too much to get everything done, especially in short weeks, so I am excited about digging deeper into comprehension!  This will make our spelling tests on the 6th day of the cycle, so kids will have a little more time to study, too. I will put the name of the story we are reading on the first day of the cycle on the calendar here on this website, as well as the day we will take the spelling and reading tests corresponding to it. You can find it by simply clicking on "Mrs. Hernandez' Classroom Calendar" on the right side of the page. 

  We use a lot.  There are many fun games students can play not only for spelling, but also other language arts skills.  I recommend that students go to this website at least once during the week at home to practice their spelling words if the internet is available. To find the list for the week, go to and log in.  The log-in will be in students' agendas.  It will take you to my spelling lists.  From there, look for the list titled by the story we are reading that week.  (Also, remember that spelling words are written in the agenda at the beginning of each story.)  Students need to take the test at school, but rather than waiting for the 6th day, they can take it ahead of time on the computer.  About half way through the school year, I begin giving an alternate, harder list to students who find the spelling words too easy.  I'll tell them about that when the time comes.  If you have questions, please call or email.

Student Information

Please check the documents section at the top.  I have uploaded a Student Information sheet. I would like all parents to fill out for me.  It is information I think may help me to teach your child more effectively.  You may either fill out a paper form at Back to School Night or print it, fill it out, and have your child bring it back to school. Not all questions have to be filled out, only the ones you feel apply to your child, or you haven't already written on 10 other forms.   And, of course, always feel free to call, email, text, or come in if you have anything else you would like to discuss.  I am NOT open 24 hours a day, but I do not mind calls at home. :)