5th/6th Battle of the Books 2017/18

Find the new list of 20 titles in Mrs. Meng's "Document" file.  Students will participate in 4 different meets this year in April and May, 2018.  Ask Ms Weber or Mrs. Tetrick how to get on a team.  It's great fun!

Does the Book Have an AR Test?

Check on the internet to see if a book has an AR test and the number of points.  Simply go to:  arbookfind.com.  You will get a summary of the story too!

Let the Computer Read the Book to You!

*Read a book to me!*


--nonfiction book:

  mycapstonelibrary.com  (user name, stpatrickcs      password, school)


--fiction book:


Find What's Checked Out at St Pats Library

Website:  libraryworld.com

Username:   spstudent

Password:  bookcheck


Click  "St Pat Crusader"

Go to "Circulation"

Type his/her last name

Check AR Progress at Home!

Check your progress in AR-----reaching your goal or points for the year!

Go to https://hosted345.renlearn.com/199980/HomeConnect/


You will also find a list of the books you have tested on already.

Accelerated Reader YMCA Fieldtrip--Points Needed

It's time to start reading to make it to the YMCA field trip next May!  Anyone with enough AR points on May 9, 2016, will get to go on a special field trip which includes activities at the YMCA, lunch at Freddy's, and ice cream for dessert!  This trip will be taken sometime during the last weeks of school.  It is a day off of school too!  This takes a lot of reading and requires discipline!  Listed below is the required points by grade and a breakdown of weekly or monthly points needed to make it by May.


AR Trip to YMCA---Points Needed:

1st---100 pts.----about 3 points per week, 13 pts a month

2nd---150 pts.----about 4.5 points per week, 19 pts a month

3rd---200 pts.----about 6 points per week, 25 pts a month

4th---250 pts.----about 7.5 points per week, 32 pts a month

5th---300 pts.----about 9 points per week, 38 pts a month

6th---350 pts.----about 10.5 points per week, 44 pts a month

7th---375 pts.----about 11.5 points per week, 47 pts a month

8th---400 pts.----about 12.5 points per week, 50 pts a month



Has your student ever asked you whether a book is an AR Book?  Well, now there is a way to find out from home, anytime, 24/7.  Just go on the internet to www.arbookfind.com. It will let you know if the book in question is an AR book.  If it is, we have the test.  Students get so disappointed when they think they have read an AR book and discover it is not.  This is a great way to take all of the guesswork out.

Mrs. Meng
School Librarian and Physical Education