Bookcase of Student Works

I have started a "bookcase" to shelve all those great publications your students have made. This is a new tool for me to use so let me know what you think of the format. My first book to include was made by this year's second graders. They wrote short stories, then typed them up and adding pictures to replace some words to make a Rebus style writing. I hope you enjoy them!

Learning Nouns!

The Kindergarteners have been learning a little bit about nouns. They got to choose their favorite one to write a sentence and then illustrate it. They learned how to insert the images into a slide, type their sentences and format the text. I bet you can't guess what their favorite noun was! You'll have to watch the slide presentation.

New Animal Sightings

Our Nation's Symbols

Recently, the 3rd grade students were assigned a Kansas symbol or a national symbol or monument to research. They were asked to find three specific things about their symbol and then could add more facts they found interesting. They used an image for their slide background, then added their facts.  They also wrote blog posts on their 3rd Techies blog. They hope you enjoy their work!

Did You Know They Were From Kansas?

This year's fourth graders did some research on some famous people that Kansas claims as one of their own.  Here is a slideshow of what they learned.

2017 Kansas Symbols

Each year Mrs. Oeding and I help the kindergarten students learn about our Kansas State symbols. This year's class did a great job of drawing their chosen symbol and recording their own sentence to go with each one. I hope you enjoy this presentation as much as they did making it.

Fun Fall projects

Several classes worked on Halloween themed projects in computer class.  Kindergarteners drew pumpkin pictures and then make them into puzzles; 1st grade made their own mini books of their favorite Halloween words; 2nd grade picked out a Halloween word and made an acrostic poem about it, and 3rd grade made Haunted House for Sale ads. You can check out the whole selection of houses on their Kidblog page. Here are just a few examples:


Digital Responsibility Comics

Continuing in the 6th graders Digital Citizenship unit, the students had to develop their own story about some aspect of people being responsible digital citizens. Here are a few of them.

Digital Responsibility Comics

App Messages

The 4th graders learned that cell phones are an important and convenient tool for communication. They also had to identify situations when cell phone users (aka Twalkers) can be distracting or inappropriate to use. The students were to create messages that a fictitious phone app would send to their users in those situations. Here are a few of their ideas.


My Digital Life

We have been talking about Digital Citizenship in 6th grade. They recently completed a simile statement that described their digital life and designed a poster about it.  Here are just a few of them.

Digital Media Similes