Book Reviews

The 1st grade class recently wrote and recorded book reviews on a favorite book. The boys and girls are split into two videos. They did a great job!


Sight Words

The Kindergarten class chose a sight word in class and wrote a sentence using it.  During computer class, they illustrated their sentence and then typed their sentence.  They also learned how to change the font color, size, and style. Enjoy the show!


Kindergarten Sight words

Kansas Day projects

In January, we celebrated Kansas Day. Different classes learned about Kansas history and symbols in various projects. Kindergarten class picked their favorite Kansas state symbol and draw a picture of it. Then they wrote a sentence about their picture and recorded it for a class video.


The 7th Grade class researched some special Kansas people and prepared Voki Presentations. Click on the names below to learn about a few of them.


Kate Richards O'Hare                               George Grant                              William Stafford

November Student Spotlight

November was a short month but we had some great student projects. The primary classes worked on projects about giving thanks for what we have, while the upper grades continued with typing and digital citizenship projects. The sixth grade discussed bullying and what roles are involved in those situations.  Their assignment was to design motivational posters to encourage the bully and bystander to change their behavior, praise the upstander, or give support to the target.  Here are two posters I thought deserved the November spotlight.


Image hosted @

Image hosted @

October Student Spotlight

Several classes recently finished working on various Halloween themed projects. We are now starting on some projects for Thanksgiving. The 2nd and 4th graders used different design techniques in writing acrostic poems. The 2nd grade had to pick a Halloween word while the 4th graders choose a piece of technology to highlight in their poems. Here are the two students work that we chose to shine our "spotlight" on.


Super Digital Heroes

The 5th graders are learning about how to be responsible Digital Citizens. Here are there Super Heroes that they designed. Each has a special power that helps them be Digital Citizen heroes.


Super Digital Heroes