Middle School Language Arts

I am excited about the new reading series, MyPerspectives, that we will be using in middle school this year.  The series encompasses reading, writing, listening, and language in each of 5 units.  Each unit revolves around an essential question and topic. The students will be involved in whole class work, group work, individual work, and each unit will end with a writing/presentation project.  

In addition to MyPerspectives students also have a new spelling curriculum that they will be using this year.  There will be a page of spelling assigned each day with a test on Friday.  The spelling lists will be on SpellingCity to give them a chance to study throughout the week.


    6th Grade:  Animal Allies - How can people and animals relate to each other?

    7th Grade:  A Starry Home - Should we make a home in space?

    8th Grade:  The Holocaust - How do we remember the past?


Mrs. Tetrick
Middle School English and