Human Show and Tell!




I chose Steve Mertens as my Human Show and Tell because he has a great sense of humor and he works very hard. Steve owns Factory 233 and he works with my mom and that’s part of the reason I chose him. At Factory 233 they make graphic design and shirts. He surprised me with a huge picture of me. I don’t know where to put it. I am so glad he got to come and I would like to thank him.



My human show and tell was David Flickner. He is my uncle who breeds, trains, and shows Belgian and quarter horses. His most prized horse is Ricky J. He really is not my uncle but my dad and him have been best friends since high school. We are just close with him. He is a very kind man, and he is really important to me. That is why I chose him. Ricky J is a Belgian horse and has won a lot of ribbons, medals, and trophies. He once went to state and was the grand champion. His horseshoe is bigger than a model globe! I love my uncle Dave.



My human show and tell is one of my best friends Mr. Neville. He is my neighbor. He helps as the Vice Mayor of Kingman some days. He talked about his job. The budget of the City of Kingman is $200,000. That goes to the hospital, parks, and jail. The most coolest thing about his job is he is home almost every day. That is my human show and tell.



I chose my grandpa for Human Show-and-Tell. Human show and tell is when you take someone to school so they can talk about something they do from their life. My grandpa’s name is Mike Hart. The reason I chose my grandpa is because of the story about how he lost his leg is a courageous story. He was on his motorcycle and a car was coming. They were not looking and grandpa got hit. He lost his leg but he now wears a prosthetic leg. Now he builds things, golfs, and helps out around the house. He also has a great sense of humor. He is just like a person that has both legs but better. When he fell down he got right back. He doesn't let anything get in his way. My grandpa is a great person.


My Human Show and Tell was my dad, Roger Arensdorf. Human Show and Tell is when you ask a person if they would come to your classroom and talk about their life or job. I chose my dad because he hauls cattle for a living. I also want to haul cattle when I grow up because it has been in the family for three generations. So I want to continue the family chain. While he was here he told us what you have to do and know to haul cattle. For example he said you need to know how to read a map to know where you are going. He also said you need to know math because there is a weight limit and you need to have to figure out how many cows to put in the trailer. You also have to make sacrifices because you have to be away from home for long periods of time. You also sometimes get kicked and you always get dirty and you really stink after loading and unloading the cattle. Then he brought his semi in. Everyone loved the sleeper in the back of his truck.


My Human Show -n- Tell is my Grandma, Maureen Bogner. I chose my Grandma because she taught 1st grade at St.Pats. She talked about 1st grade and all the projects that they did. She told us stories that happened. She talked about her family, grandsons and granddaughters. She told us a little about her childhood growing up. I really enjoyed her coming to talk to the class.



I chose Jake Heart for my human show -n- tell. Because when he works in the morning. He works at the clinic. And he does bracing and he does casting. He fits for braces and all that stuff. But in the afternoon he goes to Rose hill High School and he takes care of all the Athletes .He ices them and tapes the Athletes. And tapes them with ace tape and wrap and all sorts of different stuff like that.



My Human Show and Tell is my Aunt Jennifer. The reason I picked her is because she is my aunt and she works at a dentist office in town. She explained to us about wisdom teeth. She also talked about all the tools a dentist uses and how they sterilize them. She gave all the students toothbrushes. I really liked my human Show and tell.


I chose Mrs. Harbert for my Human Show and Tell . She came in and talked about her job in the school kitchen. She makes food at St. Pat's Catholic School. So when she makes something at home, she brings it in and makes that thing 10 times more and uses 8% more of the ingredients. When she makes rice krispies for the school, she uses about 17 bags of marshmallows and ten 3 pound bags of rice krispie cereal. She also talked about protein and health. If you touch food you put your germs on it so when you give that piece to a friend you may get them sick. I will always say that Mrs. Harbert is a great cook.


My human show and tell is Danny McDorman. He is a policeman who investigates drugs. He also a rides a horse in the rodeo. He showed us his badge and the bullets of his gun. He showed us his handcuffs and I got scared.



I chose my dad, because he works at the funeral home, and helps the K of C ( Knights of Columbus ). Dad ( David ) usually works at the funeral home. If you’ve never been to a funeral, and you don’t know what it is, I will tell you. A funeral is like going to church, and you are! Except that, at the front there is a casket on little wheels. Inside there is a dead person. An old one of course. A funeral home is a place where the casket goes before the funeral. After a few days and nights, the funeral begins at Mass. David works at the home in Kingman, Kansas. Sometimes he helps carry the casket to the front. Other times, other members do it. When K of C need help, David is here to help. He has an awesome suit and hat, and a sharp sword too. He walks down the aisle with other members. It is not his job, but he is an excellent help.


I chose my mom, Jamie Arnold to be my human show and tell because she was a nutritionist. My Mom is a chiropractor and a nutritionist. I also picked her because she could come any Thursday because she is off on work as a nutritionist and chiropractor. She told us about how to see on our body if we are healthy. You can tell mainly about your health by looking at your fingers. I thought the class was very interested with my Human show and tell.



I chose my brother-in-law Ben Coon. The reason I chose him was because he has always taught me good life lessons. So when he came he told the class how he got very sick and he didn’t know if he was going to be able to live or have kids but he wanted to have kids. So then he said that you should always always keep your faith. He also came in to talk about what he does now for a living which he works for his dad and he also works for the township. He talked about how he does harvest and what he did in the township and what he did on the farm. He also talked how he worked for KDOT and he is also a 24/7 all day dad.


My human show and tell was my Dad, Ryan Neal Brooks. I chose him because he is very, very hard working and I thought he would be an interesting person to come and talk to my class. He talked about how he started his business and how he became interested in his job, which is running a lawn care business. He talked a little bit about his childhood, when he started mowing and trimming, and his adult life right now. He is the most hard working dad in the world! And that is why I chose Ryan Brooks as my human show and tell.


I chose my aunt, Julie Hageman to be my Human Show and Tell because she worked at a post office. Julie was the person that would stay at the computer and type the addresses on the computer so the other computer would know where to send them. I chose her because she did a big job in the post office. Julie worked all day long. Also she had Polio so she had to prove that she could work there. Therefore I picked her because she worked hard and I love her.


Jim Bevilacqua is my grandpa, and there are many interesting things about his life. One reason I chose him as my Human Show-and-Tell is because a lot of people think Japan is interesting and my grandpa lived in Okinawa, Japan for about one year. But the main reason I chose my grandpa is because he started a telephone business. When he visited our class, he talked about his childhood and how he would mow lawns and play baseball. His dad was in the Air Force so they moved around a lot. On Okinawa he explored a lot of caves and went swimming. Eventually, he moved back to Kansas and started his telephone business called Great Plains Communication (GPC). Right now there are 25 people working there. He brought old versions of telephones to show us and a really new Panasonic phone. I think my grandpa is a very interesting man!



I chose my Uncle Mike Kiley as my Human Show and Tell because I thought it is cool being in the Air Force. While in the Air Force he was part of a bomb squad and helped the secret service. I also thought it was neat showing his gear to the class, plus his uniform he wore. I liked it best when he explained the difference when dealing with bullets from a 40 caliber gun to a nuclear device! I thought his talk was very interesting. And that is why I picked My Uncle Mike.


My human show and tell is my mom, Mary. I picked her because she has a really interesting job. Her job is a person who makes a lot of signs. Some of the signs she makes vinyl to put on cups, she also makes headboards for beds. She also makes centerpiece boxes. When she came to talk about her job,she let us make some Christmas ornaments. That is my human show and tell.


I chose my grandma, Lois because she worked in the Air Force as a nurse. One of the things I will say is she is a great cook. My grandma lived on a farm as a kid back in o’ 1940 --- 1950. She told my class about what it was like living out on a farm without running water or a restroom inside the house. They had a outhouse, which is a very small shack-like structure with a hole inside. But then about 1960-1970 she lived in a house with running water and restroom that is inside the house. Could you imagine how happy she must have been, not having to go outside in the freezing rain or storm!! She also talked about her and my grandpa William J. Theis, and getting married on the base, McConnell Air Force base, Wichita KS.



The person that I asked for my Human Show and Tell was Travis Kaufman. The reason that I brought him is because I thought that it would be interesting to listen to him talk about how he was in the Military. The branch that he did in the Military was the Air Force. He would get the planes ready, and he would also get the weapons ready. I also thought it would be interesting for him to talk about his job, how he manages all the Via Christie’s. I like that my dad is a Military man, and also a manager that manages all the Via Christie’s. What I don’t like is that he has to go to Indianapolis or Orlando for a business trip. When he goes there he usually stays there for three or four days, and he usually gets back late at night. That is my Human Show and Tell, Travis Kaufman.



My human show and tell is my Dad. His name is Tom and he is 29 years old. He is a pilot and he flies for United Air Lines. Dad came to talk about where he works and the controls in the air plane. He flies an airplane called Airbus. Dad and I will go to France. We will see the Eiffel Tower. It will be a good experience. I'm so proud of him for serving people to places.


I chose Dustin Cook for my Human show and Tell. I picked him to tell the class about his job because his job is not always fun -20% fun. The other 80% is paperwork. He wears a bulletproof vest. It weighs about 10lb. In his car he carries two weapons. With all of his gear on it is an extra 30 lb-50 lb. He had a K-9 unit , but sadly that K-9 died. However he did not replace that dog. That is my Human Show and Tell, Dustin Cook.


My Human Show and Tell is my mom, Faith Miller, She told us all about where she works and what she does there. She is a PTA which stands for Physical Therapist Assistant. She helps people with their legs and stuff similar to that and helps take care of them. Sometimes she has meetings to know how to help them with their pills and getting their muscle back strong again. They use stress balls and balloons to help them by reaching up and by helping them hit it. Another thing in Clearwater, where she works, they have over 50 bedrooms in the hall. They also have 100 bedrooms in the building.


I choose Alao as my human show and tell. Because he is from Germany. It took him four planes to get here. Also because he is on the Kingman football team. He is the kicker and his longest field goal was a 54 yard field goal. Back at Germany he played soccer and he was a defender. That is my human show and tell.