Catholic Schools Week Story Contest

The Student Council has written a story for each aspect of Catholic Schools Week: Faith, Knowledge & Service. If a student wishes to enter the contest they must do the following:

Pick one or more of the stories and complete the directions for that particular story. They may do this on paper and hand it into Ms. Fisher, Mrs. Oeding or a Student Council member. If they have a school email and would like to type it, they may share the document with Ms. Fisher. All entries are due by Friday February 5th at the end of the day. Winners will be picked from each grade level group and announced the following week.

Story 1: (Knowledge) 

Read the following story. Give it a title and illustrate it.

Abby Einstein was interested in all sorts of science. She always had a magnifying glass with her, and she always asks questions! One day Abby decided to take a walk and learn about different animals. Abby started by going to the cave on the outside of town. When she got to the cave she found bats. They were making lots of high squeaking noises. “Hmm.” Abby said. “The bats are using sound to find their way in the dark!” Next Abby walked to the park. “The squirrels are collecting nuts for the winter!” Abby decided she was hungry, so she went home for a snack break. Her mom had made some blueberry muffins in the oven. “Do you want to feed the extra blueberries to the birds?” Her mother asked.

“Sure, do birds eat blueberries?” Abby asked.

“Yes, they love blueberries! But goodness Abby, you need to put on some sunscreen or else the sun will burn your skin!”

“What other types of animals are there?” Abby asked, while putting on her sunscreen.

“Well, there are many types, why don’t you go outside with your magnifying glass and see some of their prints on the ground.”

Abby went outside and saw many animal tracks.

“Time for dinner.” Abby’s mom said.

“Wow, there sure are a bunch of animals! I am tired from learning all of them!”

That night, Abby’s dreams were filled with animals, and she lived happily ever after, in her animal filled world!


The End.

Story 2: (Faith)

Read the following story. Give it a title and an ending. Be sure that it ties into the topic of faith.

Once upon a time, a kid named Reggie was getting ready for school on a normal day. As Reggie was heading down the stairs, his parents could tell he wasn't acting normal. Reggie’s parents asked him what was wrong, but he said he was fine. Reggie finished eating his breakfast when the bus came to pick him up. As he got on the bus, he sat towards the front because the bullies always sat in the back. They were always picking on somebody new. Well, today that one person was Reggie. He walked into the classroom and all he saw was a fist. Then his nose was throbbing, he ran into the bathroom to look at his face.  He looked in the mirror and behind him he saw. . .


Story 3: (Service)

Read the following story. Give it a title and an ending. Be sure that it ties into the topic of service.

    Marco was in the kitchen making a sandwich when it happened. It started off as a beautiful day when it happened. The first sign was the smell of smoke hanging in the air. Marco was just putting on the cheese when he saw the first flame. Marco called out to his mother.

    “Yes?” she asked. All Marco could do was point. “Call 911!” Marco grabbed for the phone and called 911.. The smoke was getting thicker and it was getting hard to breathe. The flames were running along the carpet. All of the sudden the door burst open and out walked . . .



Wheatlands Visit

During Respect Life Week the 8th graders helped the Kindergarten walk down to plant flowers at Wheatlands.

Peace Treaty

Friday, September 25th the 5th-8th grade students went to Medicine Lodge. They watched the parade, visited the Stockades and Carrie Nation Museum and attended the Peace Treaty Pagaent


Ms. Fisher
Middle school math and science