Discovering Christ Info & Registration

WEDNESDAY’s at 6:30 PM

Please join us in the St. Patrick School cafeteria for Discovering Christ. Enjoy a free dinner, listen to a dynamic teaching and join in a small group discussion about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ. Discovering Christ is a 7-week series that will begin Wednesday, September 13, and includes a life-changing retreat on Sunday, October 15.

Child care will be provided for all of the Wednesday evening sessions. However, there will be no child care provided during the retreat.

We invite you to watch a Discovering Christ youtube video to learn more about the course:
Discovering Christ Promo

or find us on Facebook by searching for “St. Patrick - Kingman”

This course is designed to revitalize your faith or to bring your family and friends who have been away from the church. To help us with our planning please submit your registration by September 6th. However, you will still be able to sign up the first night of Discovering Christ. 

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Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25

5:00 pm - Clayton & Ashston Thimesch
8:00 am - Will McBeth, Gage Clouse, Braden Stauffer

10:00 am - Ben Bradshaw, Cannon Reed, Lucas Hageman

5:00 pm - Helen Schnittker
8:00 am - Fred Vaughn

10:00 am - Connie Seiwert

5:00 pm - Bob Walters;  Narrator:  Dave Hayes
8:00 am - Peter Bedford;  Narrator:  Gilbert Kaiser
10:00 am - Joe Hill; Narrator:  John Korbel

Altar Servers  This Week - Collin Schreiner & Victor Perez

Holy Thursday, March 29 - 7:00 pm

Servers:  Colby & Collin Schreiner, Ty Birkenbaugh
Lector: Janice Neville

Gift Bearers & Holy Oils:  Steve & Connie Seiwert
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Dick Neville
Music: Children's Choir

Good Friday, March 30

Stations of the Cross - 3:00 pm


Passion of Our Lord - 7:00 pm

Servers: Sam & Simon Stasiak
Lector: Jeralyn Hill

Narrator:  Stacey Walters
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Rich Miller

Holy Saturday, March 31 - 8:30 pm
Servers: Andrew Hubbell, Joseph Leland, Joseph Nowak, Trey Bough, Peyton Thimesch
Lector: Marvin Neville
Narrator:  Dave Hayes

Gift Bearers: Don & Jana Thimesch
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Stan Goetz
Music:  Adult Choir; Organist - Deb Osborn
Ushers:  Don & Jana Thimesch, Shelly Harden, Bob Panek

Easter Sunday, April 1 - 8:00 am

Servers:  Colby Arensdorf, Will McBeth, Thomas Behring
Lector: Jenny Campbell

Gift Bearers: Marvin & Rhonda Harrel
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Peter Bedford
Cantor:  Nicole Kerschen;  Organist: Aidan Hill
Ushers - Tim Koehler, Greg Schreiner, Eric Clouse, Mike Rowley

Easter Sunday, April 1 - 10:00 am

Servers:  Justin Powell, Andrew & Benjamin Ziegler
Lector: Pam Weber

Gift Bearers: Joel & Jackie Arnold
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: John Meng
Music:  Adult Choir; Organist: Deb Osborn
Ushers: Greg Hageman, Mike Wood, Pat & Carole Maloney




Parish Satisfaction Survey

Here is the link to complete the survey online -  Fr. Shockey discussed this at mass. The parish council would appreciate the online version as this will help them tabulate the answers in an easier manner.