Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25

5:00 pm - Clayton & Ashston Thimesch
8:00 am - Will McBeth, Gage Clouse, Braden Stauffer

10:00 am - Ben Bradshaw, Cannon Reed, Lucas Hageman

5:00 pm - Helen Schnittker
8:00 am - Fred Vaughn

10:00 am - Connie Seiwert

5:00 pm - Bob Walters;  Narrator:  Dave Hayes
8:00 am - Peter Bedford;  Narrator:  Gilbert Kaiser
10:00 am - Joe Hill; Narrator:  John Korbel

Altar Servers  This Week - Collin Schreiner & Victor Perez

Holy Thursday, March 29 - 7:00 pm

Servers:  Colby & Collin Schreiner, Ty Birkenbaugh
Lector: Janice Neville

Gift Bearers & Holy Oils:  Steve & Connie Seiwert
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Dick Neville
Music: Children's Choir

Good Friday, March 30

Stations of the Cross - 3:00 pm


Passion of Our Lord - 7:00 pm

Servers: Sam & Simon Stasiak
Lector: Jeralyn Hill

Narrator:  Stacey Walters
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Rich Miller

Holy Saturday, March 31 - 8:30 pm
Servers: Andrew Hubbell, Joseph Leland, Joseph Nowak, Trey Bough, Peyton Thimesch
Lector: Marvin Neville
Narrator:  Dave Hayes

Gift Bearers: Don & Jana Thimesch
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Stan Goetz
Music:  Adult Choir; Organist - Deb Osborn
Ushers:  Don & Jana Thimesch, Shelly Harden, Bob Panek

Easter Sunday, April 1 - 8:00 am

Servers:  Colby Arensdorf, Will McBeth, Thomas Behring
Lector: Jenny Campbell

Gift Bearers: Marvin & Rhonda Harrel
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Peter Bedford
Cantor:  Nicole Kerschen;  Organist: Aidan Hill
Ushers - Tim Koehler, Greg Schreiner, Eric Clouse, Mike Rowley

Easter Sunday, April 1 - 10:00 am

Servers:  Justin Powell, Andrew & Benjamin Ziegler
Lector: Pam Weber

Gift Bearers: Joel & Jackie Arnold
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: John Meng
Music:  Adult Choir; Organist: Deb Osborn
Ushers: Greg Hageman, Mike Wood, Pat & Carole Maloney