Mr. Lyall's Line December 7, 2016

Mr. Lyall's Line


Happy 2nd week of Advent.  I certainly hope this is a time of joyous prayer and supplication for you and your family.  Advent has certainly been a thankful time here at St. Pats.  The hats, gloves, and mitten tree is busting at the seams.  Thank you!  Please keep sending  your generous donations.  We could use more socks if that helps.  Your donations will be taken to numerous shelters that benefit many in our community as well as the surrounding community.  We will continue to collect for this up until our last day of school before Christmas break, December 20th.


Speaking of December 20th, please remember that this is a 12:30 dismissal.  All students will need to be picked-up at this time.  Don't forget about our Christmas program at the High School on December 14th.  The music program will start at 7:00 P.M.  Seating will be tight, so make sure you get there a little early to reserve your seat.


Here is a nice prayer for reflection during this second week of Advent:


Dear Lord,

Through the darkness, I look for your wisdom.

I want my heart to be open to you.

But sometimes in these days, it seems that 

so many things come between us.

Help me to be awake and aware 

of the radiance you bring to my life.

Help me to be grateful each day

for the blessings of family and friends.

Let me be a peacemaker 

in my own life, and in the world. 

Let me pray especially for this difficult world

and those who are so in need of an end to violence.

My heart begs for this as my Advent prayer today.




With you in Christ,


Mr. Lyall


Mr. Bob Lyall