Mr. Lyall's Line December 15, 2016

Mr. Lyall's Line


The hats, gloves, socks, and scarfs we have been collecting for the less fortunate has been a wonderful outpouring of stewardship.  I am so pleased.  Many people will benefit from your donation.  We will continue to collect items though Tuesday.  We will be delivering all of the items after that.  Thank you for sharing and caring!


Santa was here on Thursday.  He visited with all the children.  He tells me that there are plenty of good little boys and girls here at St. Pats.  It was a very nice visit.


The Christmas program was a huge success again this year.  Thank you to the students, Mrs. Kiley, and Mrs. Hernandez.  The music was beautiful and really helped me get into the Christmas spirit.  Thanks also to the high school for once again allowing us to use their facility. This was truly a Christmas treat.


It is hard to believe we are about to enter the fourth week of Advent already.  Here is a reflection for you and your family:


On this last Sunday of Advent, 

we quietly reflect on the mystery. 

We rest in awe, in wonder, 

at how our God entered our world and came to be with us. 

We pause to receive the gift offered us: 

that the Spirit of God will open up our lives and 

that Jesus, will really come into our hearts.


May we have watchful hope today, 

believing what the Lord promises us. 

Let us pray today, that we might be God's servants, 

that we might be instruments of God's love 

for our families and all we serve this week. 




Oh, Adonai, dearest Lord, 

Compassionate God of justice, 

so many areas of my life seem imprisoned

but you promise me real freedom 

and peace in my life.


Renew my spirit and free my soul. 

Please, open my heart 

which you have bathed in the longing of Advent.


I am awe-struck as your glory fills the earth

and I want to follow you in caring for others. 

Grant me the grace to see 

how you shine your light on the poor 

who have such a special place in your heart.


Come, Lord Jesus!  Come!


Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel 

Shall come to thee, O Israel!


With you in Christ,


Mr. Lyall


Mr. Bob Lyall