Mr. Lyall's Line

I have a few reminders this week.  First, please call and make
an appointment for conferences if you have not done so yet.
This is a very good opportunity to spend time with your child's
teacher, and understand what is happening at school. We will
be available to take calls on Tuesday, even though students are
not in school.

Next, I would like to remind everyone that the deadline for
records and immunizations is fast approaching.  With the days
off of school we have for inservice and workdays, this would be
the perfect opportunity to get all of this paperwork finalized. If
your child's immunization records are not complete, we
cannot allow them to attend school. This is a STATE AND
FEDERAL regulation. If you need assistance, please call and
visit with Pam Hein so we can accomplish this important task.
The deadline for this paperwork is October 21st.  The office will
be open during conferences so that you can turn these in.

On Tuesday I received notification that our students
received the Standard of Excellence from the State of
Kansas in every testing category and in every grade. This is
FANTASTIC news! Keep up the excellent work Crusaders.
I am very proud of each of you!

I do not know if you have noticed, but our web page is slowly
but surely getting more information. We are diligently trying to
utilize this resource to its fullest potential. If you should have
suggestions on how to make this better, please feel free to
contact us so we can incorporate your ideas. You may have also
noticed that you are receiving more school e-mails as well. This
too is another way we are trying to keep you informed. Both
improvements have become welcome changes. I appreciate all
the input as we continue to make better use of all our resources.

First quarter ends today, and report cards will be sent home
On Wednesday, October 19th.

May God continuously bless you and your families. We feel truly
blessed here at St. Patrick's.

With you in Christ,
Mr. Lyall

The Gift of a Catholic Education

Mr. Lyall's Line
This week I would like to focus on some information that I have gathered in my administrative meetings this year.  I feel it is important to share this with you, as the news really reflects the effectiveness of our school and diocese. Across the United States, Catholic Schools are facing financial uncertainty, and many have closed during this recession, or a catholic education is only for the wealthy.  In contrast, the Diocese of Wichita is thriving. Of course, this is due to Stewardship. Whereas 67% of elementary costs and 80 % of secondary costs were funded nationally by tuition, in this diocese, only 8% of the costs were covered in the same way.  What is the difference? The effectiveness of the parish.
Our parish is filled with strong disciples, those who have experienced a conversion of heart, have embraced the teachings of the Church and choose to follow Jesus through acts of Stewardship. These people live what they believe in service to the parish community, the wider church and the entire human family.  This is a response to God's generosity to us. Together we accomplish the church's mission of education.
Our school is thriving spiritually, academically, and physically. Many parishes are thriving in this diocese because of the premise of stewardship. No where else in this country are catholic schools thriving in this matter. No where else in the country can people make this claim for all catholic children. Our schools are more than a “better choice” they are places of faith and are committed to a mission of discipleship. Every catholic parent should want this for their children.
I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that it is our mission to serve in this way, and we do it at the highest levels in the diocese, and in the state. Nationally, we are recognized as part of the best catholic school system in the country.  St. Patrick Catholic  School is serving its members with faith and diligence, providing the highest quality education for every child. We should be proud of this and share this news with others. In contrast, we cannot rest on our laurels. We must reach all who wish to be a part of this, and we are called to spread this news and form disciples. I have had many conversations with people who want to know why we have such great success here. It has to be the parish and the spirit of stewardship. Thank you for all that you do, and for helping us spread this way of life to all who seek this relationship with Christ.
Additionally, I would like to remind everyone to please call and set your appointments for parent/teacher conferences. Conferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and evening, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., on October 19th and 20th. We look forward to seeing all of you.
We are trying very hard to keep the web page as current as we possibly can this year, please refer to this communication tool for information.

May God continue to bless all that we do.
With you in Christ,


Mr. Lyall


Your child's teachers will do their best to help your child learn and succeed in school.  But there's one thing only you can do—get them to school every day ready to learn.
Children who don't attend school regularly fall behind and score lower on tests.  They can have a hard time making and keeping friends—especially in elementary school.  
A study of the nation's fourth graders, conducted by The U.S. Department of Education, showed that almost one in four (19 percent) had been absent from school three or more days in the last month.
Show your child and his teachers that you know attendance counts:
Tell your child how important school is.
Make dental and other appointments during non-school hours when possible.
Don't let you child skip school for reasons that wouldn't prevent you from going to work.
Avoid taking your child out of school on exam days.
Keep track of your child's absences.  See if there are any patterns that need to be changed.
Discuss the consequences of missing school.  Not understanding. Needing to do make-up work.  Missing out on friends.
Talk to the teacher if your child regularly doesn't want to go to school.  
We are all working together to ensure the success of every student here at St. Patrick's.  Regular attendance is a key component in making each student's success a reality.  Thank you so much for partnering with us on this important matter.
In Christ,

Bob Lyall

Building Our Future

Building Our Future
This school year is off to an excellent start and promises to be one that will see historic events unfold.  The excitement and anticipation of the completion of the building project as well as the awareness of a clean and safe learning environment enhanced with state of the art furnishings, textbooks, and technology certainly add to the high expectations.  I too must admit that I share the same excitement and exhilaration at the thought of all the new possibilities that we have before us.
Our Catholic school is very blessed to have a multi-talented and vastly experienced faculty and staff that greet each new year with enthusiasm and vibrancy.  This type of enthusiasm, I am proud to say, is always part of our school, and is a beacon of professionalism that shines brightly in all that we do for this community.  With our multiple academic and athletic achievements we see our mission, Catholic Education for Catholic Action, as our driving force in our success.  We certainly are proud that we have achieved the Governor's Award for Excellence, as well as scoring in the standard of excellence in every testing category, which places us in the top 3% of all schools in Kansas.  Additionally we rank number one among all diocesan schools when it comes to academic testing.  These accomplishments are a testimonial to our mission and purpose for the glory of God.  We continuously strive for this type of excellence, and are never satisfied to rest on our laurels.  Our Christ-centered vision provides the foundation for this success.
We cannot do this alone.  In order for all of this to come to fruition, we must recognize the generosity of our parish and community.  Countless volunteers, parents, grandparents, and friends offer their time talents, and treasure to ensure this continual success.  We are very grateful to everyone who gives so freely to invest in our mission and vision.
So, as we take the next step into this new year we have even greater confidence that we we continue to grow spiritually, academically, and physically for the greater glory of God.  Thank you for all of your support and effort.  We are blessed to have you with us.  We are truly building our future! 
With you in Christ,
Bob Lyall

Mr. Bob Lyall