Parking Procedures

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

We need your assistance to ensure the safety of our students. Everyone needs to help by following these procedures. 

Drop-Off Procedure

Please use the east parking lot by the main entrance of the school, enter the circle drive from the north entrance and proceed forward to the furthest point to drop-off children. Children should exit the car on the sidewalk side. Do not park in this lane. If you would like to walk your children into the school, please enter the same northern entrance and park in a designated stall. You then may walk through the lot to the main entrance of the school. When leaving the lot, please exit through the eastern exit. This way you can turn in either direction.

The buses will be using the circle drive and entering from the north, and leaving from the east. The taxi service will be following this procedure as well. It is imperative that this flow of traffic stays consistent. Entering from the wrong direction or leaving from the wrong direction will cause major congestion.

No parking should ever occur along the red fire and bus lane.

After School Pick-up

All students who are riding the bus and the taxi will be picked-up from the east parking lot.  These students will be walked out the main entrance and taken to their specific bus or taxi.

All other students who are receiving a ride home by private vehicle will be picked up from the North lot behind the gym and church.  Drivers who are picking-up should park in the northern lot, exit their vehicle, and proceed to the northern exit/sidewalk of the 1960’s building to get their children.  

We are not allowing students to cut through the lot without supervision.  Parents/Guardians please do not allow your student to run to your vehicle without supervision.  Additionally, please do not stand in the parking lot; proceed to the western sidewalk adjacent to the 1960’s building.  This is where all the students will be waiting for you to pick them up.  Again, students will only be dismissed if accompanied by an adult that will walk them to their vehicle. 

Please make this information available to anyone who will be assisting you with drop-off or pick-up during the school year.

No one should park on the streets adjacent to either lot.  This will allow for traffic to proceed and alleviate congestion.

Additionally, there is no need to pick children up from the Knights parking lot or across Highway 54.

All walkers will be dismissed and walked to and across major intersections with a teacher, as they always have been in the past.

Thank you so much for your assistance and cooperation.  The safety of every person is important to all of us!