Commitment to Excellence

Learning and Values: St. Patrick Catholic School

St. Patrick Catholic School, located in Kingman, Kansas, a rural community of 3500 people in the midst of wheat and cattle farming, was founded in 1930 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita, Kansas.  As one of thirty-nine schools in the Diocese of Wichita, St. Patrick Catholic School takes great pride in providing a solid parochial education steeped in instructional excellence that is based on Gospel values. St. Patrick’s is holistic; it seeks to form the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Our strength is that academic excellence flows from a sense of stewardship. Students excel because they know that they are stewards of their academic talents, and they strive to be good stewards. 

St. Patrick School also recognizes that it is essential to develop all aspects of each individual learner. The school fosters skills that are imperative for success as life-long learners. Students become valued members of the greater community. Students have opportunities to learn skills that prepare them to be responsible, college and career ready, individuals who are Disciples of Christ. Innovations in technology and technical education are a priority in our school. Each year technology has proven to be a vehicle of change for everyone in our success. Specific challenges are met with a team effort of collaboration to support initiatives both professionally and financially. We truly are all stewards of our time, talent, and treasure.

Also integral to the success of St. Patrick is the administrator who collaborates with staff to set high expectations for academic excellence through a shared vision in differentiated instruction and data driven decisions. Teachers participate in a variety of professional development opportunities to stay current of the latest educational trends and best practices then collaborate to ensure success. St. Patrick students reap the benefits of challenging data driven lessons that are truly based on the needs of each individual student. This has proven to be an excellent recipe for success. St Patrick is a place where faith and learning truly meet. Challenges are met with a collaborative effort and reduced to attainable goals.

St. Patrick Catholic School is very passionate about education because we believe we can make a difference. We consider it a privilege when asked to take a leadership role or serve in organizations or our community and to provide support to others; as together we work to create something wonderful and special. Our philosophy truly has been an effective practice as specific innovations that stem from this at our school are endless. It is all related. When everyone has a shared vision and purpose, working as a team is seamless and the accomplishments, as in our school, have been truly great. Our students, faculty, parents, and staff all contribute to our success and truly deserve this type of recognition. This effort and shared vision culminated in our highest honor yet, being named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in November of 2014. We are truly blessed. None of this could have been accomplished without the support and vision of the parishioners and community. Collaboration with multiple people, including local school districts have contributed to this success.

The future truly looks bright at St. Patrick.  We continue to live this philosophy and have faced every educational challenge with a positive attitude, making our system work with the change for our students. We embrace change as a benefit, not hindrance, for our students and strive to serve our community with zeal and positivity. We look forward to serving our students and community for years to come.