2nd gr sculpture

What is there to do once the art project is finished and there is still time left in the art class?  Well, a bag of Oobbers and Toobbers is opened for the students to work on, some with partners, to create a sculpture.  This bag contains some foam that can be twisted into shapes while others are simply flat and unbendable.  This collage of 2nd graders shows their creative hand in sculpting, as well as titling their work.  They are hoping they have the opportunity to do this again.

Kindergarten Caterpillars

Kindergarteners learned that shaving cream isn't just for Dad to use in the morning.  It can also be used in art!  Shaving cream smeared on a table top, sprayed with liquid watercolors and with the wooden end of a paint brush swooshing through the shaving cream to make swirled designs is finally covered with a piece of paper that is slightly pressed onto the shaving cream.  Lift the paper up, scrape off the excess shaving cream and a beautiful piece of marbled paper is made for the background of our caterpillar project.



Here is the completed project for our Caterpillars!  No two are alike!  How wonderful!  The Kindergarteners learned about primary colors and mixing secondary colors, as well as cutting out and gluing shapes.  This project required a number of art classes to complete this project, but the finished pieces show that it was well worth the time and effort put into these colorful art pieces!

Edible Art

5th grade started their year in art with a project called Edible Art.  The assignment was to create a color wheel using yellow, red and blue icing and vanilla wafers.  The icing had to be mixed to make the 12 colors on the color wheel and then place each color on a vanilla wafer, arranging each color in its appropriate place on a plate to make a color wheel.  Luckily for 5th grade, they have art at the end of the day and were able to enjoy eating their color wheel at the end of the class period.  Art never tasted sooooo yummy!