October News

We just got back from the Cowtown County Fair Day, and had a great day!  Thank you to all the parents who drove and helped chaperone the kids.  The weather cooperated, and we couldn't have had a nicer day. 

October is here, and the end of the quarter is just around the corner.  I am looking forward to meeting with all you parents to discuss both testing done in September and any progress monitoring done since then.  (We only do the Aimsweb Benchmark testing 3 times a year - September, January, and May, but we are attempting to keep track of how well the interventions we institute are doing, so we will be doing interim testing which is very short, but will give an idea of the students' progress.  We will be signing ILP's at that time if you haven't done it already.  Please have any questions you have for me ready. 

These kids are a fun group, and I'm enjoying our little chats! 

Back to School with Virtues

Welcome back! 

I would like to keep you informed as much as possible about what goes on here at school, so I will try to address some of the questions I think you may have about the beginning of school.   

You may have heard talk about Virtues.  We are implementing Virtues Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) at St. Patrick.  I believe it is life-changing, school-changing, and parish-changing.  The basic idea is meditating on the virtues, living the virtues, and teaching our students about the virtues.  As a result, when someone is harmed, we will utilize circles to help those involved use virtues to change the dynamics of the situation and restore harmony to the community.

We have chosen PEACE as the virtue we want to work on as a school for the entire year.  Within that, we will emphasize and learn about other virtues that relate to peace, such as gratitude, patience, and charity.  We will work on defining and understanding all the virtues and using them in everything we do. And I do mean WE, teachers included.)  You can expect to hear more about all this in the coming weeks and months.  Please pray for Virtues in all our relationships!



Papers Coming Home

  In order to try to help parents keep up with their children's progress, I send home papers once a week. Please try to quickly review these pages.  In the past when I found mounds of papers stockpiled in desks, left in folders, or sneaked into the recycling, the students would say, "Well, my parents don't look at them anyway."  So, I thought this might make it easier, only having to do it once a week.  Here's your chance to let your kids know you do care how they are doing.  Math papers are not torn out of their workbooks, and some work stays here in notebooks, so if you are interested in seeing those at any time, just drop by before or after school.  I need to keep the actual tests for grade card time, so I will usually just send a summary of what types of questions were missed.  
  If I mark a paper or book with a "c", it means it has been corrected.  If it has not been, feel free to have the student correct it at home, but no need to send it back.  


Here is my homework policy:  1: Play, 2: Read, 3: Sleep  I feel that these are very important for second grade-age children, and for all of us for that matter.  CREATIVE play develops the brain, reading ANYTHING helps with all aspects of academic work, and children need 9 - 11 hours of sleep at ages 7-9.  These are all scientifically proven necessities in order for children to develop their mental capacities to the fullest, though you may read different numbers on different websites for the sleep hours.

This doesn't mean they won't ever have homework - I will ask students to bring things from home at times, and I really appreciate your cooperation, since those items will be a direct part of the learning at school, and your child we be at a disadvantage without whatever it is.  I will either email, or have the students write what is needed in the agenda in this case.  

Also, I would like them to practice spelling words at home, and to finish any work not completed at school.   And, I may occasionally send home a short homework assignment, but it will not be often.

I am aware that some parents want their children to become accustomed to homework early, so if this is so, you are the primary educators, and I will be happy to visit with you about second grade standards, and what your child could do to up his/her game a little bit.


2019 First Communion/First Reconciliation Dates

SAVE THE DATES for 2018-2019 second graders!

First Reconciliation - March 24 , 12:00 Noon

First Communion - May 5, 12:00 Noon

Also, in order to avoid confusion later, the rules for clothing are: 

Girls - white dress with sleeves or a sweater, jacket, cape or something over the shoulders.  This includes cap sleeves.  No flip-flops.

Boys - White shirt, jacket, preferably dark color, and dress slacks.



Half Birthdays

Parents, if your child's birthday falls during the summer, you might like to send birthday treats on his or her half-birthday or saint day.  This way it seems more like a real birthday, instead of an afterthought. I do appreciate you letting me know ahead of time when you want to bring treats, but most any day works unless we are not going to be in the classroom for some reason.  Please remember to bring only one item for birthdays.  No drinks.  It may seem like a small thing, but children are very proud to bring treats to school, so thank you for the effort!


If you want an easy way to find websites we use here at school, just go to the Links on the right of this page, then click on the first link - symbaloo.  Each of those buttons you see will automatically take you to a website I use, or the students do. I update it as we work with new sites, so hopefully you will be able to find any site your kids come home talking about.  Their log-ins will be in the agenda.  Try it out!


Spelling City

If you click on Links on the right side of this page, one of those will be to spellingcity.com.  This is a website where I put their spelling words.  Second graders can play games with their spelling words and have a lot of fun.  Log-in information is in their agendas.  From there you have to pick the list for the week.  It will be listed by the name of the story we are reading from the reading book. If your student doesn't remember, click on my classroom calendar (below Links). It will list the date we begin and end (test) a story for reading.  The spelling test will be on the same date as the reading test.  Starting out the year, it will be every 6 school days but will go to 5 as we get faster at our work so that we can finish all the stories in our book.

Student Information

Please check the documents section at the right.  I have uploaded a Student Information sheet. I would like all parents to fill out for me.  It is information I think may help me to teach your child more effectively.   Not all questions have to be filled out, only the ones you feel apply to your child.  I will get that printed off and send home with them in a day or two, but if it gets lost, you can download it and print it from here. And, of course, always feel free to call, email, text, or come in if you have anything else you would like to discuss.