2019 Kansas Day

The kindergarteners did a fantastic job this year illustrating their chose Kansas symbol and then recording their sentence they wrote about it. The look on their faces when they hear themselves is priceless!



App Designs

To show what the students learned about the input/output/storage/process model of a computer system, the 6th grade students designed an app to solve a real-world problem.

The students worked with a partner and were given specific instructions on what was required as well as a planning guide to help them work through the steps.

The students then presented their app ideas to a panel of “Shark Tank” investors, also answering all questions asked by the investors.


Technology Overload?

In 7th grade, the class recently discussed what Technology Overload could be and had to think of ideas of how to motivate people to disconnect once in a while. They also had to think about how certain tasks were done before technology. Here are some of their ideas.

Video Game Covers

The 4th graders have been discussing how to have good online relationships, especially when playing multiplayer games. Their assignment was to decide who the main character would in their game, where it takes place, and the rules for how players could interact with each other and the consequences if they broke those rules. They experimented with Paint 3D to design the covers, here are a few of them. 

1st Grade Talents

The 1st grade students recently completed their last two computer projects. They were given a homonym word to design a slide with the multiple meanings of their word including an image for each meaning. They learned how to add animation to those images when their slide is played.

The other project was their class book reviews. They wrote a short summary of their book and what they liked most about it. They learned how to record themselves and we turned it into a video for everyone to hear their reviews.


Our first graders learned about different habitats in their classroom. They used books and the Internet to find pictures of two different animals and two different plants that belong in their assigned habitat. They learned some new tech skills to design a slide of their habitat.

Virtues in Practice

The fifth graders learned a lot of different skills while putting together a class slide project on Virtues. They reviewed the basic skills of adding and formatting text, but then also had to use imagery to show their virtue as well as find a scripture passage about the virtue. After the slides were made, the students were given a list of specific standards that were to be completed on each slide. Then they used those standards to evaluate another student's slide. The final step in the project was a review of how to properly cite their image sources.

Bookcase of Student Works

I have started a "bookcase" to shelve all those great publications your students have made. This is a new tool for me to use so let me know what you think of the format. My first book to include was made by this year's second graders. They wrote short stories, then typed them up and adding pictures to replace some words to make a Rebus style writing. I hope you enjoy them!

The Kindergarten class just finished their "Class Dictionary." Each student picked a letter and thought of a word that started with their letter. They had to search for an image, insert it into the template and add a sentence. They did a great job following directions.

NEW ADDITION! The second graders recently learned about some of the virtues. They had to write sentences about their virtue and find images that illustrated them.

New Animal Sightings

2017 Kansas Symbols

Each year Mrs. Oeding and I help the kindergarten students learn about our Kansas State symbols. This year's class did a great job of drawing their chosen symbol and recording their own sentence to go with each one. I hope you enjoy this presentation as much as they did making it.