How It's Made Presentations

Every year the students each present to their class about how a specific topic is made. They usually pick topics that are of interest to them, which makes the presentations a little more fun & interesting. They can do a powerpoint, a video, a demonstration or any combination of those things. This semester, the following presentations have been given. Maria's presentation even peeked the interest of the kindergarten so they came down to watch. 

Katie Brooks: Glue
Simon Stasiak: Pumpkin Breads
Anna Nilsen: Ice Cream Treats
Grace Parsons: Crayons
Avery Mertens: Gelatin
Julia Hageman: Nail Polish
Joseph Kiley: Legos
Sophia Kaufman: Gum
Claire Birkenbaugh: Twix

Claire Kiley: Yeast
Peyton Eck: Finger Traps
Victoria Tetrick: Magic 8 Balls
Jadyn Belt: Horseshoes
Ashton Thimesch: Baseballs
Laney Wood: 4 wheelers
Thomas Behring: Bikes
Lexee Beck: peanut butter
Claire Meng: Crayons
Valerie Weninger: Telescopes
Braden Stauffer: Fireworks
Maria Leland: Playdough

Ms. Fisher
Middle school math and science