Teacher Feature October 27th, 2017

Teacher Feature

Danna Hernandez

I haven't always been a school teacher.  Though I had a teaching degree from the beginning, I really wanted to teach nutrition education, so I joined the Peace Corps and went to El Salvador for 2 years.  I met my husband there but didn't actually marry him till 2 years and 2 countries later.  I came back to the US and worked a year, then went back to Central America, this time to Honduras where I taught first grade in an American school, while he was finishing up school in Nicaragua.  After that, we came back to Pratt county where I grew up, got married the week after, and started looking for jobs. My English-only brother was willing to give my Spanish-only husband a job on an oil rig using signs, and one-word commands, and we were off.  I obtained a para job as a bilingual aide, which I did for several years.  Eventually, I decided to trade my high school certification for elementary, so I went back to school at night at St. Mary of the Plains.  

  In 1989, I began teaching at Sacred Heart in Pratt.  Though I was a United Methodist and my husband was Catholic but had not been able to receive the sacraments as a child, we recognized that this was God's call to join the Catholic church, which we did soon after.  It has been a blessing I have never regretted.  Jorge worked in Kingman for many years before I finally decided that the drive was just too much, and we needed to move here.  I subbed for a year, and then came to work here at St. Pat's.  That was 19 years ago.  I have taught second and third grades here, and love it, especially preparing kids for the sacraments, and playing for the choir.  St. Pat's is a wonderful school, and I thank God for all the opportunities I have been given.
I also like living in Kingman.  My three daughters all went to school here at least to High School, and are, I think, thankful for the chance to grow up in such a healthy, supportive community. They have many friends here they still keep in close contact with even though they now live in Haven, Kansas, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Honolulu, Hawaii.  My two sons-in-law are in the military, and I'm very proud of them.  I have one granddaughter, Eva, who is 2 1/2 years old, and another grandchild on the way in November! You don't want to get me started talking about them.  I could go on all day.  Let me just say I went to Hawaii this past summer, and between the snorkeling and the babysitting, I had a fantastic time. Thank you all for your support of us teachers at St. Patrick.  We are very blessed.