Teacher Feature November 10, 2017

Teacher Feature

I am Jeralyn Hill and I am so blest to teach K-8 Art here at St. Patrick’s.  25 years ago, my husband Joe and I, brought our family from St. Patrick’s, Wichita, to a little piece of country living west of townOur 6 children attended St. Patrick School, participated in CYM and 4H has been a family involvement for 23 years.  I was also blessed to be a Stay-at-Home Mom for 29 years and volunteer at our children’s schools.  Our family has grown to include spouses and 6 grandchildren.  I enjoy flower gardens and sewing.  The kitchen in our home is referred to as “Mom’s Office” since I spend a huge amount of my time cooking, baking, and canning fruits and vegetables.  Also, I have had several opportunities to enjoy riding in hot air balloons but would never skydive.  For me, I find loose teeth or broken teeth rather unsettling, as well as, bloody wounds and stitches.  But to be an art teacher, is to enrich the hearts, souls, and minds of the children here at St. Pat’s to the beauty of God’s creativity. For that, I am blessed.  Our class prayer is, “Dear God, Thank you for the gifts of imagination and creativity.  Help me to respect all that is created. Amen”


                 The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection - Michelangelo