2018 Kingman County Conservation Contest

2018 Winners of the Kingman County Contest


             Kindergarten Tensley Stasa 1st Place   

              2nd Grade Zelie Arnold 2nd Place    

              5th Grade Gus Arnold HM

              6th Grade Grace Parsons HM

              7th Grade Valerie Weninger 1st Place

                               Riley Nilsen 2nd Place

                               Claire Meng 3rd Place

Limerick Winners -

             5th Grade Jacob Abbott 1st Place

                               Adaline Campbell 2nd Place

                               Dawson Wood 3rd Place

              6th Grade Grace Parsons 3rd Place

              7th Grade Valerie Weninger 1st Place

                               Claire Meng 2nd Place

              8th Grade Victoria Tetrick 2nd Place

                                Peyton Thimesch 3rd Place

Photo Contest Winners -

              2nd Grade Alexis Winsor 2nd Place

              3rd Grade Finley Maloney 2nd Place