Principal's Message 9/18/19

Principal’s Message,

     You are all welcome to come and watch our 5th through 8th-grade softball teams compete against St. Joseph Conway Springs for an exhibition game. It is scheduled for this Friday at 1:30. We will have healthy snacks and drinks available for the students to purchase at the concession stand. Each item will be $.50 so $1.00 will get them both a snack and a drink.

 The game will last about an hour and will be at our campus diamond next to the rectory. Bring your lawn chairs!!!  

     This week marks the middle of the nine weeks. Please make sure you are checking PowerSchool for assignments and grades. We will not be sending progress reports home.  Parent-teacher conferences will be held October 9th and 10th from 3:45 to 7:00. However, you are always encouraged to contact the teacher to make an appointment at any time throughout the school year.  I just ask that you respect their personal time and contact them during normal business hours by calling the school office or reaching out to them via email or Bloomz.

Principal's Message 9/11/2019

Principal’s Message,

     Our first PTO meeting will be tonight from 6:30 to 7:30. We will meet for 30 minutes then have a 30-minute presentation over our new math. Mrs. Walker will provide babysitting in the preschool room. We have several things to talk about so please join us!  Here is the agenda for the meeting:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Review of PTO bylaws
  • Parent education topics discussion
  • Upcoming school events
    • Softball fun day
    • Teacher Meals for parent conferences 
    • Dinner and Auction committee report
  • Estimate total from the trash bag sale
  • Introduce the Scripp program (Shannon)
  • Questions for Principal.

     We have updated the cleaning directions and checklists. We ask that each team leader goes over these when checking out the key from Mrs. Clouse. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you so much for your cooperation and commitment to stewardship!!


      Please pray for all parish administrators and our teachers who will be participating in a retreat this Sunday.  May the Spirit of God draw us closer to Him with the work we do. 


     Children’s Choir will be singing for the 10:00 Mass this Sunday. Please join us!!!


     It’s Auction Time!!!! The St. Patrick Catholic School Auction, Denim and Diamonds is scheduled for November 9th. We need lots of donations!!! Proceeds from the auction help pay for technology and textbooks!  Please see the flyer for details. If you have any questions, please contact Darla Harbert. Her contact information is in the Crusader Connection. 

Principal's Message 9/4/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,   

I pray all of you had a wonderful break over the long weekend!! 

Teachers are finishing up with baseline assessments and will be meeting to determine levels of support using the MTSS model. MTSS is a framework that many schools use to provide targeted support to struggling students. It focuses on the “whole child.” MTSS supports academic growth and achievement, but it also supports many other areas. This includes behavior, social and emotional needs, and absenteeismIt’s a proactive approach that has several key elements:

Universal screening for all students early in each school year.

  1. Increasing levels of targeted support for those who are struggling
  2. Integrated plans that address students’ academic, behavioral, social and emotional needs
  3. The use of evidence-based strategies
  4. A school-wide approach to student support. Teachers, psychologists, and other specialists work as a team when they assess students and plan interventions.
  5. Professional development so staff can deliver interventions and monitor progress effectively
  6. Family involvement so parents can understand the interventions and provide support at home
  7. Frequent monitoring of students’ progress so educators can use this data to help decide if more interventions are needed

Tier 1 (Low Risk) – All students’ receive effective, differentiated instruction provided by a classroom teacher using evidence-based core curriculum. Tier 1 is expected to bring approximately 80% of students to acceptable levels of proficiency.

Tier 2  (Some Risk) – For students who don’t respond effectively to Tier 1 instruction, Tier 2 supplements core instruction using targeted, evidence-based small-group interventions to help them catch up. This supplemental instruction is expected to bring up to 15% of students to proficient levels.

Tier 3 (High Risk) – Involves the application of intensive, evidence-based interventions which are designed to increase the rate of student progress for approximately 5% of students who need very intensive 1:1 intervention.

Principal's Message 8/28/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,   

     Thank you for a great start to the school year.  Tomorrow will be a first Kami Day. Students are allowed to wear spirit shirts and jeans. Please, no sweats, shorts, or non-St. Patrick spirit wear. We will have Kami Days on the last Thursday of the month that is in session with the exception of October and January. We have Respect Life week in October and Catholic Schools Week in January so they will get dress down days during that time. On Kami Days, students are encouraged to bring a canned good or a monetary donation for the food pantry. This is a wonderful way to practice one of the corporal works of mercy - Feed the Hungry!

     The Crusader Connection notebooks that came home last week can remain at home for you to refer to when questions arise. We do need the Statement of Cooperation form signed and returned as well as the Parish Family Agreement.  We will begin contacting families who have not returned them after Labor Day.  

     This morning after Mass we had a school blessing. Please continue to pray for our school that the spirit may fill its halls and cast out any evil that may wander in. 


Lord Jesus Christ, who bade your apostles to pray that peace might come on any house they entered, we entreat you to bless + by our ministry this building destined for the education of the young. Bestow your peace and blessing on it in full measure, so that its teachers and pupils may experience your saving grace, as did Zaccheus when you came into his home. Bid your angels to keep guard here and to drive away all power of the enemy. Inspire the teachers with knowledge, wisdom, and holy fear. Foster their pupils with grace from on high, so that they may grasp, retain, and put into practice the lessons they are taught. May teachers and pupils alike so please you by a truly virtuous life that they may finally deserve to be received into your everlasting home in heaven; through you, Jesus Christ, our Savior and our God, who live and reign forever and ever. All: Amen.


Principal's Message 8/21/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,   

       Welcome Back!! It has been wonderful to see all of you again. We have many exciting things happening this year and we are thrilled to get started! First of all, let us welcome our new staff: Miss Elise Temkkit-1st Grade, Miss Hannah Stephen - 3rd Grade, and Ms. Amber Steindler - 4th grade. We also welcome all our new families. We look forward to working with you.  

Here is what's new!


Crusader Connection: Each family in grades K-8 will receive a notebook that is filled, and I do mean filled, with a lot of information that is intended for you to be informed. Please take advantage of it and know that at the end of the year we will ask for them back to update next year. I will also be asking for feedback at the end of the year about its effectiveness. Some items are for specific grades so there will be a few forms absent.


     Liturgy Club: This year students can qualify to be a member of the liturgy club through an audition process that is objective and subjective. Per the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, attention is to be given when selecting a lector for Mass.  “In texts that are to be pronounced in a loud and clear voice, whether by the Priest or the Deacon, or by a reader, or by everyone, the voice should correspond to the genre of the text itself, that is, depending upon whether it is a reading, a prayer, an explanatory comment, an acclamation, or a sung text; it should also be suited to the form of celebration and to the solemnity of the gathering. Consideration should also be given to the characteristics of different languages and of the culture of different peoples. (GIRM, no. 38)”  Parents of those who qualify will be contacted within the next week with additional details. 

Class Adoration: Every second Thursday of every month, each class will go to adoration for 30 minutes in the church. We will follow the format from Children of Hope. Children of Hope was founded in France by Father Antoine Thomas, of the Community of St. John, at the request of a mother to lead a holy hour for children. Since then, Children of Hope Eucharistic Adoration has spread throughout the USA and the world. Pope John Paul II gave his Apostolic Blessing to this program as it responded to his own appeal that the youth be exposed to Our Lord in the Eucharist on a regular basis.


Enrichment:  Fourth through eighth-grade students will have an opportunity to join an enrichment class on most Fridays.  The purpose is to give them a chance to explore some areas that are not necessarily part of the core curriculum.  The classes will not be graded but full participation is expected. A handout is coming home today with descriptions of the classes. Please look over it with your child/ren to help them decide what class they want to sign up for.  There will be a limited number and specific grade levels for some classes so encourage them to have a few choices in mind. Eighth grade will sign up first, then the seventh, etc. 


Service Program:

The service program for students in Kindergarten to 8th grade is entitled “Called to Serve”. The purpose of this program is to

provide students with the opportunity to make a difference in our church and the surrounding communities through various service and support programs. Each grade will participate in a service project. Please see page 21 of the school handbook for additional details. 

Principal's Message 5/17/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,

    This will be the last Post for the 2019-20 school year. All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! What a wonderful year this has been.  As we began the year, I know there was quite a bit of hesitation, uncertainty, and anxiety among students, staff, parents and pretty much everyone involved with the school.  The cooperation and support that Fr. Andy and I have received is commendable.

    Please mark your calendars for July 17th for school registration. Fr. Andy would like to conduct a mandatory parent meeting again which is scheduled for August 7th at 7:00 p.m. Babysitting will be available. Anyone who is not able to attend must schedule a time to meet with Father prior to the first day of school which will be August 16th. Starting on a Friday may seem a bit unusual but with the Holy Day of Obligation on a Thursday, it just worked out that way.

Principal's Message 5/9/2019 (2)

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,

   State Assessment scores for 3 - 8 have been reported. Per Diocesan Policy:

[If a student does not meet the standard on a state or diocesan assessment, the school shall require successful remediation (i.e., documented progress on an ILP; a minimum of 30 hours per course of summer school or afterschool work; Saturday school, etc.) before a student is promoted to the next grade. If an eighth - grade student does not pass an eighth - grade class or does not meet the standard on a state or diocesan assessment the school shall require successful remediation before enrollment at a Catholic high school is permitted].  

Teachers will be contacting those who did not score a 2 or better.  If parents wish to hire a tutor, that is acceptable remediation. If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher or myself.

      A sign-up genius link will be sent home for the help with the last day of school. We will need about 10 to 12 volunteers to help run the games and hot dog luncheon. There are additional details on page 2.

Principal's Message 5/3/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,

   Happy May!!!  We have a lot of things going on these last few days of school.  Please keep the post handy to help keep things straight. We will be doing field day and the awards ceremony slightly different this year.  Please see the second page of the Post to sign up to help with games. We will have them all set up with rules and equipment. Each group will have a teacher escorting them to each station to help keep order. During the awards ceremony, we will recognize groups of participants in various categories and only a few single awardees.

    Please join me in praying for our 2nd graders who will receive their First Communion this Sunday at 12:00. The children’s choir and any siblings of 2nd graders ages 3rd grade and up are invited to sing in the choir.

    Friday, May 10th we are hosting a wedding shower for Ms. Fisher at 2:00. If you wish to give her a gift please send it to school. If you would rather donate cash so we can get her a larger gift, please send it in an envelope to the school office!  All are welcome to attend!!!!


Principal's Message 4/26/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,

   I’d like to wish you all a very Blessed Easter Season!  He is Risen, Alleluia!!!

    Wednesday, May 1st at 2:30, we will celebrate May Crowning. Each student in Prek - 7 are asked to bring a single flower to present to Mary. It does not have to be store bought or anything fancy. Please join us to honor our Blessed Mother with prayers and flowers!

    Please join me in praying for our second-grade students who will be making their First Communion on Sunday, May 5th. The middle school choir is asked to sing so please make arrangements to have the students here by 11:45. Any siblings of a First Communicant in grades 3 and up is welcome to join us.    

    The dates for summer school are set for July 29 - 2, and August 5 - 9 from 8:30 to 11:30. Students who do not pass the state assessments or are recommended by their teacher are required to attend. There will be no charge. Parents may wish to make other arrangements such as hiring a tutor for the summer which is totally acceptable. We just ask that you let us know. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office.

    We have listed the activities scheduled for the next few weeks so you can mark your calendars. This is a super busy time. Please remember that all volunteers to who attend a field trip must have had Virtus training.

Principal's Message 4/18/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,

   We now have signed contracts from all the new teachers. The first-grade teacher will be Elise Temkkit. She is from Lancaster, New Hampshire originally but attends Benedictine College. She has a minor in theology and music.  She did her student teaching in 2nd grade and has a great amount of Catholic leadership experience working with young adult groups, retreats, and teaching CCD.

    The third-grade teacher will be Hannah Stephens. She is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma but also attends Benedictine College.  She has co-taught both 1st and 3rd grade and has an ESL endorsement. Her enthusiasm for the faith has led her to teach Totus Tuus throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.

     The fourth-grade teacher will be Amber Steindler. She is from Colwich, KS. She has been teaching pre-school in Wichita but is ready for her own classroom in middle elementary.   Prior to teaching preschool, she has been a paraprofessional at St. Marks and a Title One para in Eureka, KS. She too has been very involved with her Catholic faith teaching Religious Education and starting a Vacation Bible School at her former parish.

    We are very blessed to have acquired these three faith-filled individuals. Please continue to pray for them as they begin their tenure with us.

     Many blessings to you and your families as we walk with Christ during the Triduum!  


Principal's Message 4/12/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,

As we enter Holy Week, we encourage you to

strive to “keep out the world” and enter into the peace, solemnity, and theology of the events of the last days of our Lord.  Last year’s palms should be placed outside in an area to decay where they will not be disturbed. They are holy and should not be simply thrown out with the garbage. If you haven’t yet made your Confession during Great Lent, try to make it during the beginning of Holy Week.  Try to make amends with those we may be upset with or those who are upset with us, so that on Pascha we can joyfully sing, “Let us call brothers, even those that hate us, and forgive all by the Resurrection!”

Principal's Message 4/5/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,   

I’m excited to announce that we have now hired all three of our new teachers for next year. I will share their names and a short bio of each of them in next week’s Post. I want to thank all of you who have been sending prayers for wisdom and guidance as we worked through the hiring process. A special thank you to our interview committee Mrs. Oeding, Mrs. Rohlman, Ms. Weber, and Fr. Andy.  Each candidate is faith-filled and full of talent that will be a great addition to our staff.


The 2019-20 school calendar is being finalized. As you make plans for trips, please make a conscious effort to stay within the days out of school.  We have made every effort to stay with USD 331 in regards to days off. The final calendar will be sent home in the next few weeks.

Principal's Message 3/29/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,   

  The Parish Finance Council has decided that we will not combine any classes for the 2019-20 school year.  As a result, Ms. Weber will be returning as the 5th-grade classroom and we will be hiring 3 additional teachers to replace Mrs. Ann Vaughn who is retiring, Mrs. SanRomani who will be teaching special education, and a new teacher for 3rd grade. Please pray for the blessings of the Holy Spirit to send us teachers who will continue our mission of forming Disciples of Christ.  

Principal's Message 03/22/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,   

    Please join me in praying for our second grade students who will be receiving the sacrament of reconciliation for the first time this Sunday at 12:00.  Sometimes this sacrament can be considered somewhat bittersweet. It is hard to recognize our offenses yet alone admit them out loud to a Priest. However, how wonderful it feels when we hear those words out loud, “I absolve you from your sins,”.  If you have not taken advantage of this beautiful opportunity for a while, I encourage you to once again experience the joy and grace that is felt after going to confession.

     State Assessments have begun!!  Please be mindful of scheduling appointments over the next several weeks so we can get them completed in a timely fashion.  A good breakfast, nights rest, and effort are encouraged.

    I would like to thank all of you who helped sell the raffle tickets and work at the dinner.  We served over 1000 people and the raffle brought in roughly $20,000.00. As you may not know, it cost St. Patrick Catholic Church between $5000.00 and $6000.00 per student to provide a Catholic education.  Attending a Catholic school without having to pay the thousands of dollars in tuition like other dioceses is a true gift and it takes all of us working together to make it possible!!! So again, thank you!!!

Principal's Message 3/7/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,    

I only received 9 responses to my last survey. Please take a moment to provide some feedback.    2-22-19 Survey.  I would like to wish each of you a very restful and pleasant spring break!! Hopefully the time off will bring healing to all those who have been battling illness!

Principal's Message 3/1/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,       

As we prepare for the state assessments and the 4th quarterfinal progress monitoring, it’s time to start thinking of the possibility for summer school to help remediate those students who have not yet mastered specific standards.  The Diocese of Wichita has a Policy number 402 states:

If a student does not meet standard on a state or diocesan assessment, the school shall require successful remediation (i.e., documented progress on an ILP; a minimum of 30 hours per course of summer school or after-school work; Saturday school, etc.) before a student is promoted to the next grade.  

Please encourage your child/ren to put forth their best effort as the year winds down to avoid the necessity of summer school.  Details on times and dates of summer school will be released at a later date.

Principal's Message 02/22/19

Dear Parents,     

    I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped clear the parking lot and sidewalks on Wednesday morning.  What a wonderful example of stewardship!! Fr. Andy sent a picture when they arrived very early in the morning. I know he was so proud and so am I. God Bless You!!!!  I was also able to see the cleaning crew from last weekend hard at work. It was great to see our older students chipping in and doing their part. This truly is what working together is all about.

    This week I am sending another survey home with a few short questions. If you do not have middle school students feel free to answer the question about discipline in anticipation of when they will be old enough.  Survey 2-22-19

    Finally, if you have not sent in a donation for the St. Pat’s Dinner, please do so. We need your help!!

Principal's Message 1/15/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,     

  Thank you once again for taking the time to fill out the survey. We had 58 responses! As I mentioned last week, both Fr. Andy and I along with the faculty and school advisory council will review the results.
   Please remember to send in donations for the St. Patrick’s raffle.  A guideline flyer was sent home last Friday and is available on the school website. We would like all donations in by February 20th. Remember:  God will not be outdone in generosity!!!!!

    Did you know we have a twitter, facebook, and school website?  Do you visit it to see what’s happening??? If not, let’s share the good news of our school by “liking” or retweeting, or just simply reading the weekly newsletter and church bulletin. It’s amazing what you can learn.  This may also lead to more suggestions on how we can improve communication. We are always open to hearing from you!!



      Twitter: @kingmanstpats

Principal's Message 2/8/19

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,     


I would like to thank those of you who have completed the survey.  What a wonderful response!! Our diocesan superintendent, school council and I will carefully examine the results and adjust accordingly.  


As a reminder, if you are down to clean, it is your responsibility to find a substitute. I realize life is busy, however, this is a small price to pay for the wonderful gift of Catholic education. We are so blessed in our Diocese where living the stewardship way of life allows us to not have to pay thousands of dollars for school tuition. I appreciate the many positive responses to this new task.


The next Children’s choir is February 17th at 10:00 Mass. If any 3rd or 4th-grade student would like to join us, please let me know so we can make sure to prepare the music for them.


Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Principal's Message 2/1/2019

Principal’s Message,

Dear Parents,     

    It was wonderful to see so many of you for donuts and coffee last Sunday.  What a wonderful way to celebrate our Catholic School. I would like to thank our student council and their sponsors for planning all the fun events this week.  To end Catholic Schools Week, I invite you to complete the survey that was emailed yesterday morning or is coming home today with the Post. As part of our state accreditation process, it is important that we gather this information.  It was created by our Superintendent for that purpose and of course to help us better serve our students and families. Here is the link again in case you missed it. It will only work if you have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, please complete the hard copy and we will enter it into the google form to adequately gather the data.  As of Friday morning, we have already had 44 surveys filled out. THANK YOU!!! That is AWESOME!!!

Catholic Schools Week Parent Survey

    Last month the School Council

discussed recess procedures for grades 5 - 8. Early in the fall, we had a student who was hurt so we suspended co-ed activities until we discussed the issue.  After discussion and consultation with other Catholic schools, it was decided that we will once again allow both boys and girls in grades 5 - 8 to participate in games together at recess. I strongly encourage you to visit with your child if this is a concern to you. There are physical limits which goes both ways as in some girls are larger than boys and some boys are larger than girls. We will visit with the students and make very clear the expectations of behavior. Please remember that they are children and we are all prone to accidents.  

    Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!!!

Dr. Eva Harmon

Dr. Eva Harmon